How to Change Sky – how to make sky blue color – Pre wedding Photoshop manipulation tutorial

How to Change Sky – how to make sky blue color – Pre wedding Photoshop manipulation tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial you give download and learn how to use preset to retouching and color grading photos in Photoshop.

In this Photoshop Class you learn how you can design the poster for music or song cover in very basic way. In this Video I am using 2 layer of background to create the whole background and add the subject and blending all the things that can make our poster realistic.


In this Photoshop Class we are going to batter understanding about Photoshop background changing and I will be explain all the things that can very much useful to all day work on Photoshop. In this class I am covering all the tools that can be
Important to do Photoshop background changing and making manipulation. so guys lets start the video.

In this Photoshop Tips & Trick Class we are going to deeply understand the concept of making slider in Photoshop to do our very simple. In this video i am going to teach you how you can build your on slider of any tools in Photoshop that you can use
everyday and every time to retouching of manipulation activities. so this trick make your work very much simple and take less time and save your time. so without further delay lets Gets start the Video and Learn the trick in Hindi.


In our daily life, we come across a wide range of posters and advertisements promoting different businesses in a unique way. The poster must be eye-catching and deliver the useful information to the people.

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In this Video you Learn Following things

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Skinfiner Application

camera raw presets


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